Contracting for public procurement

Building knowledge and deploying research to analyse and diagnose issues in the field of public procurement.

Our work in this field includes developing a sector-agnostic framework to measure the impact of procurement inefficiencies on the financial health of firms; to identify the landscape of institutions that play a role in the planning-to-payment stages of government procurement; understand contract structures in public procurement across different fields; identify state capacity issues in commercial contracting; taking deep dives into some sectors where government procurement is undertaken at a large scale and studying the efficacy of dispute resolution mechanisms in government contracts.

Special focus

Government vaccine contracting

Research paper

The footprint of union government procurement in India

  • Anjali Sharma
  • Susan Thomas
xKDR working paper 10,
November 2021

How elements of the Indian state purchase drugs

  • Harleen Kaur
  • Ajay Shah
  • Siddhartha Srivastava
xKDR working paper 5,
August 2021

Public discourse

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Lessons from the COVID-19 vaccine procurement of 2021
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Is monetising public assets a good idea?
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(An associated article in The Hindu.)
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Lessons from the Delhi Metro
Pavithra Manivannan
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Litigation in public contracts: some estimates from court data
Devendra Damle, Karan Gulati, Anjali Sharma and Bhargavi Zaveri
Downstream of this:
The Mystery of the Efficient and Responsible Litigant: Notes on a Data-Driven Analysis of Litigation in Public Contracts from the Delhi High Court by Rajarshi Sen & Aditya Vemulakonda, Indian Journal of Projects, Infrastructure and Energy Law, 30 July 2021;
What Data Tells Us About Litigation in Public Contracts by Swati Banerjee, Justice Hub, 10 September 2021.
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Monetisation lessons from NHAI
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The payment woes of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
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The problems of public procurement and payment delays: A review of the recent literature
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Does India need a public procurement law?
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19th August 2020


Call for Papers Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) and XKDR Forum Joint Field Workshop on Firm Finance with CMI,
30th July 2022
Field Workshop on Firm Finance with CMI,
17th - 18th September 2021
Roundtable on Economic issues in government procurement with CMI,
22nd January 2021
Inaugural session on ``Government contracting: a key barrier for state capacity'' Emerging Markets conference 2020,
14th December 2020
Field workshop on Firm finance and behaviour with CMI,
9th-11th September 2020