A collection of work that stands alone in a field today.

Research paper

Indian health policy in the light of Covid-19: The puzzles of state capacity and institutional design
  • Ajay Shah
India Policy Forum,
Should card data storage with merchants, payment aggregators and payment gateways be prohibited?
  • Renuka Sane
  • Ajay Shah
  • Bhargavi Zaveri
xKDR working paper 3,
May 2021

Public discourse

Should Payment Gateways be subject to India's anti-money laundering law?
Bhargavi Zaveri
25th February 2021
FIU’s Penalty on PayPal: The Wisdom of Jurisprudence by Committee
Bhargavi Zaveri
IndiaCorpLaw Blog,
21st January 2021


The Rise of the Administrative State in India
Bhargavi Zaveri
Organised by Young Leaders for Active Citizenship,
3rd April 2021
Stakeholders' consultation in regulatory bodies in India
Bhargavi Zaveri
Organised by IICA-Forum of Indian Regulators,
8th February 2021
Issues in financial education and consumer protection in the Indian securities market
Bhargavi Zaveri
Organised by NCAER,
28th December 2020